Saturday, August 15, 2009

Created by Danish fashion designer Malene Sommer, MaleneMarron produces unique handcrafted clothing that marries an everydaylike wearability to a touch of the unexpected and impulsive.


Spring/Summer Show 10
Copenhagen Fashion Week

I dream on the street, I dream on the bus, I dream at work.
I dance, I feel free.
Breathing, time stands still.
I'm at place where everything is beautiful, green and smells wonderful.
bare feet, water and wind.

I wake up in the street, I wake up in the bus, I wake up at work.
I see everything.
I have pulse - is in motion
I sense the flow, life and I dance.
Shoes, drinks and music.
Just love life time.

Sound: DubNumb
Photo: Anders Beier
Stylist: Drazen Lazic
Makeup: Ole E. Høve

Project leader : Anne Marie Mondrup
Press: Sladane Lazic

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